Welcome to my campaign. This page will mainly serve as a repository for known information on the world, a log of the story so far, and information about PCs and other characters in the setting. Players are invited to add their PCs to the Characters page, including filling out an online character sheet to provide a backup of all their vital data.

This is the Pathfinder SRD Wiki, it covers everything players need to know about the system. Players can use information from the Core Rulebook (CRB), Advanced Player’s Guide (APG), Ultimate Combat (UC) and Ultimate Magic (UM). Some races from Bestiaries 1, 2 and 3 are also available as player characters. Other books are not relevant to the setting from the perspective of the player.

At this time I have not made any house rules or modifications to the base rules, as the base rules are thus far perfectly satisfactory for my game as they are. We use the standard rolling method (4D6 and drop the lowest), normal XP progression. For determining hit-points at each level you may either roll the appropriate die and add modifiers, or take half the maximum result of the die (D6 = 3, D8 = 4, D10 = 5, D12 = 6) and add modifiers.

Plane of Terah - Age of Discovery

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