Regions of The Old World

The Lands of the West are described here, commonly referred to as The Old World, The Known World, The Civilized World, or even The World, Terah’Sanct. There is truth in each of these names.

It’s known as ‘The Old World’ because life has existed here for several thousand years, with artifacts, ruins, folk tales and rumors of reclusive dragons and other immortals suggesting even civilized life has thrived here long before the current, Illuminated Era, which itself dates back nearly over 1,900 years.

It is called ‘The Known World’ by those who believe everything worth exploring, everything worth knowing, has already been found by someone or other. There may be kingdoms beneath the earth or under the sea, but the nations and peoples of the surface world have little interest in taking the dark warrens far below their feet, or the crushing depths of the ocean, and would rather the denizens below keep to themselves.

The title of ‘The Civilized World’ is in reference to the dominance of intelligent, organized beings over all else in the old world. In all but the most remote and inhospitable areas, the people have little to fear from monsters and beast-men. Instead of frontiers there are borders. Every habitable or prosperous acre of land has been taken, and even in blasted volcanic planes and frozen tundra one can find the occasional outpost or wind-whipped flag of the great powers.

There have long been rumors of habitable land to the east, but until the last few decades it was a point of debate whether this was myth or fact. To many, the great ice sheets defined all the world that was. Only now, as the adventurous and desperate pour eastwards, are tales of the New World taken as fact.

Northfir Islands

Mountains of Holdur

Great Galdenar

Land of Thras

Land of the Dragon Empire

The Suno Basin

Western Icewaste

Great Ice Mountains

Regions of The Old World

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